Elite Brewing concept is similar to elite military units like the British SAS, US Navy Seals and Delta forces. Those soldiers are handpicked and go thought tremendous training and character testing. The remaining who are filtered through the quality testing processes become the Elite! These Elite soldiers are then provided with the best equipment available to aid their mission success.

Elite Brewing has taken these same traits of these premium units and has applied them to building a craft brewery.

  •  We have selected primarily organic ingredients to make a higher quality product, no expense is spared when it comes to quality.

  •  The tap room design takes lessons learned from visiting almost 300 breweries in North America creating a brewery experience unlike any other.

  •  The front-end staff will be carefully selected and trained with customized beer etiquette training to ensure they deliver a quality and genuine customer experience.

  • Elite is easy to say, as it is two syllables and is easy to text. “I’m heading to Elite tonight for beers and pizza after work.”

  • The Elite name will instill a premier brand, quality products and exceptional customer experience that customers will view as a benchmark in the craft industry.


Q & A 

Q. Why the military theme?

A. As a homage to veterans who serve their county we want to bring awareness of military history to a broader audience. Beverages will be named after historical events, places, people, things, etc. Chalk boards in the taproom will contain more detailed content and stories about the named products for a casual read, written by our own local PHD in Military History. The historical theme is also identifiable, educational and fun!

Q. What charities will Elite be involved with?

A. Elite will be donating a portion of all revenues to Veterans affairs as well as looking at supporting other Veteran related charities.

Q. How many seats and do you serve food.?

A. Elite is a Brew Pub with 143 seats that serves food and will have a destination patio sure to please to come in spring/summer 2018.

Q. Can you accommodate large groups and functions?

A. Affirmative. We can easily accommodate groups and functions.

Q. What’s this “Mark Series” all about?

A. At Elite, we are beer and cider nerds and we are judgmental about many things craft. We often get disappointed ordering our favorite IPA or cider of the month and end up being disappointed it tasted different somewhat, it could even be better than last time but there is a reaction of being confused as it was not what you were expecting. We borrowed the “Mark Series, or MK” from the military where they used it to track iterations of military equipment representing a change in the equipment design to make improvements or alter the functionality. This was popular 

with missiles and tanks in particular. At Elite we will do the same, any reoccurring product that has a change to it will be then designated “MK II” for example.

Q. How many staples will you have?

A. None! For the most part, we will have all rotating taps. Some products may naturally become recurrences through customer demand. Any changes to reoccurring products will then be evolve to the “Mark Series”.

Q. How many taps will Elite have?

A. We are installing 32 tap shanks for flexibility reasons and growth. We will also be carrying products from our Craft Allies.

Q. My significant other only drinks wine but I love beer, will you have more than Beer and Cider so we can enjoy as couples?

A. Affirmative. Don’t expect cocktails but we will have a small assortment of wines, and if she likes bourbon or whisky we will have a 3-tiered bourbon selection guaranteed to impress.

Q. Are you bottling or canning for distribution?

A. Negative Ghost rider. We will keg a small portion though for local establishments if there is enough to go around.

Q. Are you allowing Minors or Dogs?

A. Minors will be allowed on Saturday’s & Sunday’s for brunch times once brunch is launched. We are planning to allow Dog’s on the patio, we will need to confirm with the Brass at the time. If we are allowed we are all for it!

Q. What’s on the horizon for 2018?

A. Building a brew pub is not easy by yourself, but definitely looking forward to opening our forward operating base in Crescent Heights, “Elite Brewing & Cidery”, providing quality craft products to the surrounding communities, Calgary and tourists alike.